Dear Friends,

From July 7 to July 9, the 4th European Cup in 2019 was held in Romania. The 7 series, in a very warm weather, were extremely tiring for competitors, judges and all those who participated in the organization.

The winner was: 1. Jaka Gorenc, from Slovenia
                              2. Borjan Jovanoski, from North Macedonia
                              3. Matjaz Sluga, also from Slovenia

The best of female competitors were: 1. Marketa Tomaskova, from Czech Republic
                                                                    2. Gabriela Takacs, from Romania
                                                                    3. Spela Krnc, from Slovenia

The best teams were: 1. NO NAME
                                        2. AIR VUISA
                                        3. CZEST

We must give credit to the organizers for the extraordinary efforts they have invested.


Best regards,
Your PGAEC Team


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