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PGAEC North Macedonia – Prilep Open 2021

The final Euro Cup of this season was held in Prilep, North Macedonia, October 01. – 03.Weather conditions were good, so the maximum of 8 rounds have been done.Competitors came from all around the world, and we want to thank them all for coming and taking place in this Euro Cup, and making it one…
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PGAEC Czech Republic 2021

Last week, August 20. – 22. a European Cup was held in Czech Republic. A maximum of 8 rounds were done. Overall ranking: Radek Václavik – 1st place Jaka Gorenc – 2nd place Petr Garbier – 3rd place Women ranking: Markéta Holubová Tomáškova – 1st place Anna Křištofová – 2nd place Špela Krnc – 3rd place Team ranking:…
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PGAEC North Macedonia – Mavrovo Open 2021

Last weekend, a Euro Cup was held in Mavrovo, North Macedonia. Despite the complex conditions pilots had to fly and land in, 6 rounds were done. Overall ranking: Matjaz Sluga – 1st place Borjan Jovanoski – 2nd place Slobodan Maletic – 3rd place Women ranking: Spela Krnc – 1st place Aleksandra Ufceska – 2nd place…
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PGAEC Turkey 2021

The first competiton in this season was held in Alanya, Turkey, from June 4. – 6. With the maximum effort put in by the organizers, 8 rounds were done, and the best competitors in overall category are as follows:  1. Matjaz Feraric 2. Martin Jovanoski 3. Hizdri Gubetini The best teams were: 1. DELTA-ALPINA 2.…
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1st PGAEC this season in Alanya continues!

Dear Pilots,We have some great news!The first PGAEC in this year, in Alanya, Turkey is officially going to happen!The date for this competition is June 4.-6.You can find registration and booking info here. We are looking forward to seeing you there,Your PGAEC team

New date for PGAEC North Macedonia Mavrovo Open 2021

Dear Pilots,The upcoming competition in North Macedonia has been postponed from May 14.-16. to June 25.-27. Your PGAEC team

Open registration for PGAEC Turkey 2021

Dear Pilots, Registration for PGAEC Turkey 2021 is now open! You can register by clicking here. Your PGAEC team


Dear Friends, The first European Cup in 2021 will be held in Turkey, on April 23-25. We hereby ask you all to give all possible support to the organizer,  who will invest a lot of effort to organize a great competition, despite the problems caused by Covid-19. So far, we have come up with the…
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Dear Friends, Because of the current situation, we are forced to cancel the competitions in North Macedonia, Turkey, Romania and Czech Republic. We will try our best to postpone the North Macedonia event for the end of October or the beginning of November. Stay healthy, Your PGAEC team

PGAEC and the Coronavirus – For competitors, organizers and others

As all sport events, PGAEC organisation has to face the challenges raised by the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation is changing on the daily base and it is different from country to country, we have to postpone the competitions in Macedonia and Turkey, which should have been held in next 60 days. The competition in…
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