Competition news

PGAEC France is cancelled

Dear Pilots, The Euro Cup in France is cancelled due to bad weather conditions. The organizer has informed us that the local authorities have prohibited the use of the landing area this morning. The organizers are also expressing deepest apologies toward the competitors for any inconveniences and extra costs that this news will bring. Regards,…
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PGAEC Competition Calendar for Season 2023.

Dear Competitors,We are happy to announce that the calendar for season 2023. is done.Below are the Euro Cups that will be organized this year: 1. PGAEC France, Lac de Génos-Loudenvielle (18. – 20.05.2023.)2. PGAEC Romania, Uroi (09. – 11.06.2023)3. PGAEC Czech Republic, Beskydy (18. – 20.08.2023.)4. PGAEC Serbia, Zlatibor (22. – 24.09.2023.) Thank you to…
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PGAEC Turkey 2022 SUPERFINALE, a fitting end for a great season

The last competition of this season was held from October 27. – 30. in Adana, Turkey. This was the organizer’s first time making an accuracy competition, and they really did their best in order to make it a successful one. The maximum number of rounds was achieved (8) in the 3 days, during which this…
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PGAEC Slovenia 2022

The 4th competition of this season was successfully organized in Kobarid, Slovenia. Even though training day and competition day 1 were cancelled due to bad weather conditions, the organizers (together with the pilots) managed to complete 6 rounds on competition day 2. The winner is Vlastimil Kricnar, from Czech Republic, 2nd place is Matjaz Feraric,…
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Bidding for season 2023

Dear friends, It is time to start creating the calendar for season 2023. If you wish to organize a Euro Cup next year, please send us your offer via email, at: See you in Slovenia, PGAEC team

PGAEC Turkey 2022 SUPERFINALE – Last competition of this season

Dear Pilots,This year’s season will be closed in Turkey, 27. – 30. October in Adana, Turkey.The organizer has made a great effort to host us in the best way possible. Entry fee will be 90 euro. The following will be provided by paying the entry fee: – Free accommodation, – Providing transportation between the Airport and the…
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PGAEC Romania 2022

The 3rd series of PGAEC 2022 was held in Uroi, Romania. The local club had plenty of bad weather luck. Too strong wind and rain prevented the maximum number of performed series. The landing was challenging, in windy thermal conditions, several good pilots tasted a lack of luck and the results may be surprising. However,…
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PGAEC North Macedonia 2022

After 12 years, the city of Ohrid has again welcomed the best competitors from Europe. The 2nd Euro Cup this season was held in North Macedonia, from 29. April – 1.May. Again, the maximum number of rounds (8) was achieved. The winner was Matjaz Sluga, 2nd place was won by Jaka Gorenc, and 3rd place…
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PGAEC United Kingdom 2022

The first competition of season 2022 was held in United Kingdom, April 15. – 18. Despite complicated conditions, the maximum number of 8 rounds was done. In overall ranking, the best competitor was Xhonatan Islami, 2nd place was won by Valery Tzvetanov and 3rd place went to Martin Jovanoski. The best female competitor was Katie…
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PGAEC Ohrid 2022

Dear Competitors,The second competition this year will be held in Ohrid, North Macedonia, 29. April – 1. May. Ohrid has already hosted a number of competitions, mainly the European Championship, which was won by Dimitar Ralev, a competitor from Bulgaria. Enjoy the photos, and soon we will be able to enjoy the hospitality of our…
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