Competition news

Season 2020.

Dear friends of PGAEC,  We are happy for having many interested in organizing the Eurocup next year. We hereby invite anyone who wishes to organize an EC in 2020 to send a request to: We will arrange all the details in direct communication with you.  Your PGAEC team


Dear friends, In Macedonia, from 25. to 27. October is the final competition of this year and with that we end the season 2019. The best in 2019 will be announced at the first competition next year. We wish you much success, Your PGAEC team

Important News about Ioaninna Pre European Cup

We are sorry to inform you that this year’s Ioaninna Pre European cup is canceled due to technical reasons. Best regards, Your PGAEC team

Ioanina Pre European Cup 2019 – Announcement

Dear Pilots,A Pre European Cup is going to be held at Ioanina, Greece, 12. – 13. October. We invite you to come and support the organizer.Also, we wish a lot of success to the organizer! You can find more information here: Hope to see you there,Your PGAEC team

PGAEC Czech Republic

European cup in Czech Republic was held from 16. – 18. of August, 7 series were done. Thanks to good organization, we can rank this European Cup among the best organized so far. Strict adherence to rules, where needed, as well as a relaxed atmosphere during the competition, set it apart from the others. We…
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Dear Friends, From July 7 to July 9, the 4th European Cup in 2019 was held in Romania. The 7 series, in a very warm weather, were extremely tiring for competitors, judges and all those who participated in the organization. The winner was: 1. Jaka Gorenc, from Slovenia              …
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PGAEC Mavrovo Open 2019

On May 17 – 19, a PGAEC competition was held in the town of Mavrovo. The organizer has made the maximum effort to complete 5 series in addition to bad weather conditions.  The best pilot was Matjaz Sluga, second place was Jaka Gorenc, and the third place belonged to Mile Jovanoski. The best woman was…
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PGAEC Mavrovo, North Macedonia 2019 announcement

Dear friends, We remind you that a European Cup in North Macedonia, in Mavrovo will be held on the next weekend, May 17. – 19. You can find local regulations below. Best regards,                              Your PGAEC team           …
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PGAEC ALBANIA OPEN 2019, a great competition

As in the last 20 years, very high quality competitions are organized in Vlora. This competition is, as far as the organization and everything else is concerned, possibly the best.  Seven series, which guarantee a large number of points with top competitors, were made.  The winner is Matjaz Sluga, 2nd place was Borjan Jovanoski, and 3rd…
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Best in Europe in 2018

In Vlora, Albania, the best in Europe in 2018. were declared. The best pilot in season 2018. is Matjaz Sluga from Slovenia, 2nd place is Vlastimil Kricnar from Czech Republic, and the 3rd place belongs to Jaka Gorenc, also from Slovenia. The best female competitor is Marketa Tomaskova from Czech Republic, 2nd place is Gabriela…
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