PGAEC Romania 2023 – A challenging season start

PGAEC Romania 2023 – A challenging season start

Last weekend, a Euro Cup was organized in Uroi, Romania by the local aeroclub “Wild Wind Adventure”. There was a total of  44 pilots, whose accuracy landing skills were seriously challenged the whole time.

Despite less than ideal weather conditions, a total of 6 rounds were done, during which the competitors faced various weather conditions which were changing all throughout the competition. Strong gusts of wind, thermals, and changing wind direction were just some of the challenges that required hard work and sharp focus from the pilots. In these nerve-wrecking instances, every decision and maneuver had to be calculated with utmost precision.

Overall ranking:
1. Borjan Jovanoski
2. Marketa Tomaskova
3. Renato Herega

Team ranking:

Female ranking:
1. Marketa Tomaskova
2. Georgiana Birgoz
3. Pilar Montero Gonzalez

We want to congratulate the organizers for making a great competition and thank the competitors for coming.
The next Euro Cup will be held in Czech Republic, August 18. – 20. and we hope to see you all there.
PGAEC team