Rules and Regulations


                                                                        RULES FOR PGAEC

The goal of the European cups in PG in accuracy landing is to provide the best possible conditions for the competitors to achieve the best results. Through organizing competitions, PGAEC wants to promote this discipline and aeronautical sports in general in accordance to FAI rules.

Organizer obligations:

– Competition has to follow FAI rules,

– One practice day (or at least one round before the start of the first competition day) and at least two competition days have to be foreseen for a competition,

– Pilot’s registration has to be proceeded via internet on or organizer internet site,

– Only pilots with valid FAI sporting license can attend a PGAEC competition,

– Pilot entry fee for one competition should be minimum 50 EUR,

– Organizer provides lunch and competition transportation for pilots, some souvenirs (T-shirt, cap…) and expense for technical delegate and one foreigner competition judge,

– Organizer has to provide competition results and photo material (high resolution made by professional photographer) to technical delegate for internet site.


– Competitors must have a valid FAI sporting license and third party insurance,

– Number of rounds: maximum eight (8) rounds per competition,

– Validation: minimum one round has to be completed to validate a competition,

– Competition has to be judged by a team of skilled judges who are led by an international judge,

– PGAEC Technical delegate helps the competition director for a competition to run smoothly.

PGAEC scoring and prizes:

Individual competition:

– If there are five or more valid rounds, the worst individual score is dropped,

– For the results to count at the end of the season, the competitor must come from Europe.

– The winner of the entire season is obtained by adding up all the results achieved during the season (best 2/3 of the results count).

– When 2/3 of best results are counted at the end of the season, if the final sum of rounds is not a whole number, we will count it as a bigger number always (example: if there are 17 rounds, the best 2/3 is 11.33 rounds – we will count this as 12 rounds). We do this because we want to maximize the number of counted rounds at the end of the season.

Team competition:

– Team consists of three pilots,

– Pilots cannot change the team during the season,

– For the results to count at the end of the season, all competitors in a team must come from Europe.

– The results of all 3 competitors are counted,

– By compiling the results of 3 competitors in all rounds, the winner of the competition is obtained,

– The team, the winner of the season, is obtained by adding up all the results achieved during the season.